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Spotlight: Peter Eaton

What does the center do? The Center for Economic Information uses geographic information systems tools and surveys housing conditions in the metro area on a regular basis. That information allows CEI to associate housing conditions with numerous other indicators, as well as create a baseline to evaluate the impact of policy changes on neighborhoods.   … Continue reading Spotlight: Peter Eaton

Expanding the Oral Health Care Workforce

When Melanie Simmer-Beck, a UMKC School of Dentistry professor, began working to bring better oral health care to children in Kansas, she was often surprised at the level of tooth decay she and her colleagues saw in their young patients. The children who came to in-school clinics in several Olathe, Kan., public schools often were … Continue reading Expanding the Oral Health Care Workforce

High-impact HIV Prevention

When the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Nursing and Health Studies won a $7 million grant — the largest in the school’s history — it was charged with a challenging task: build a national HIV-prevention resource center. Laurie Krom and Jacki Witt, co-directors of the five-year award from the Centers for Disease Control and … Continue reading High-impact HIV Prevention

A Team Approach to Targeting HIV

Around 40 million people worldwide live with HIV. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 50,000 people in the U.S. are newly infected with HIV each year. UMKC Associate Professor of Biological Sciences Thomas Menees, Ph.D., and Professor of Biological Sciences Gerald Wyckoff, Ph.D., are trying to find out how to stop the virus in … Continue reading A Team Approach to Targeting HIV

New Frontiers in Vision Research

Peter Koulen, Ph.D., director of basic research at the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s Vision Research Center, likens the gradual progression of eye disease to wearing a pair of old shoes. You don’t realize just how bad they have become until you put on a new pair. Just as shoes wear out over time, many of … Continue reading New Frontiers in Vision Research