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Promotion & Tenure Coordinators

The Promotion & Tenure Coordinator’s Group was formed to examine, revise and implement the system, campus, unit and department promotion and tenure policies, procedures, guidelines and activities.  This group also provides support, information and resources as needed to the academic unit’s faculty in preparation for promotion and tenure, as well as the unit’s staff and administrators responsible for various promotion and tenure activities.  The P&T Coordinator’s Group is made up of representatives from the Provost Office (including the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and the Faculty Affairs Specialist) and representatives from each academic unit.  The P&T Coordinators Group is open to anyone who participates in the coordination of the promotion and tenure process, including academic administrators, chairs, staff, and P&T Committee members at all levels of review).


Arts & Sciences
Connie Powell
Diane Filion

Biological Sciences
Mary Flores
Barbara Lach

Bloch School
David Cornell
Mary Morgan
Hattie Leiss

Computing & Engineering
Jane Vogl
Jerry Place

Carol Dale
Charles Robinson

Pam Overman
Kylee Soucie

Christine Popoola
LaVerne Berkel

Barbara Glesner-Fines
Deborah Waring
John Ragsdale

Heather Morris
Diane Hunter

Linda Edwards
Paul Cuddy
Julie Banderas

Danya Turkmani
Jennifer Hunter

Jane Poe
Cameron Lindsey

P&T Coordinator’s Group Meeting Schedule 2013-2014

3:00pm – 5:00pm
3rd Thursday of every month (beginning September 2013)

  • Thursday 07/11/13 – AC Brookside Room
  • Thursday 08/08/13 – AC Brookside Room
  • Thursday 09/19/13 -
  • Thursday 10/17/13 -
  • Thursday 11/21/13 -
  • Thursday 12/19/13 -
  • Thursday 01/16/14 -
  • Thursday 02/20/14 -
  • Thursday 03/20/14 -
  • Thursday 04/17/14 -
  • Thursday 05/15/14 -
  • Thursday 06/19/14 -
  • Thursday 07/17/14 -
  • Thursday 08/21/14 -