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In an effort to assist faculty who are developing promotion and tenure portfolios, we have identified a group of exemplar faculty who were recently promoted and/or granted tenure.  We have included below a brief description of their accomplishments as well as a link to their actual portfolios for your review and reference.

The purpose of exhibiting these selected portfolios is to provide you with an example of what these faculty members developed to document their performance for promotion and/or tenure.  The selection of these faculty was based not only on merit as reflected by the content of each portfolio, but also to represent the broad range of disciplines within the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  From the performing arts to the basic sciences, we believe you will find these examples useful as you prepare your own portfolios.

Please note that we have removed the official external and internal letters of recommendation from each portfolio to preserve confidentiality.  Please also note that you must have a UMKC UserID and Password to view the portfolios.


Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure, College of Arts & Sciences, Theatre

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Erika Bailey is a professional dialect coach and joined UMKC Theatre in 2006 as the head of voice and speech for our MFA Acting program. As a dialect coach she has worked at the McCarter Theatre, The Guthrie Theatre and regularly for the Kansas City Repertory Theatre. She also coached the recent Broadway production of Mary Stuart. As a Master Teacher, Erika Bailey has guided MFA Actors to create a vital and practical vocal technique that lifts the student to their artistic potential. Her artistry and professionalism have been shaped by working with many of the Masters in her field. Her expertise in rhetoric, accents and voice production are impressive and excites young professionals. The quality and quantity of her professional work coupled with her nurturing spirit engages students to risk more in their search for professional technique. She has consistently presented an artistic road to travel and our students have been benefited greatly. – Tom Mardikes, Chair


Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure, School of Education, Counseling and Educational Psychology

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Dr. Barber is an outstanding scientist, instructor and mentor. Her students see her as a challenging, yet supportive. Dr. Barber mentors students in the counseling psychology doctoral program, serves on interdisciplinary Ph.D. committees, and provides informal mentoring and advising to many students. She publishes and presents at national conferences with her students, giving them valuable professional learning and exposure. Because of her expertise in statistics and research methodology, Dr. Barber serves on many dissertation committees and is always available to students who are simply in need of a statistical consult, an openness that is commendable given the various other demands on her time. Dr. Barber studies contextual variables in student development, looking at the experience of gifted students, and more broadly, educational and contextual influences on civic engagement. She is an integral part of the grant supported KC-AERC team, studying high-school students’ transition to higher education. Her accomplishments have been recognized through numerous publications in excellent journals, grant support from the American Educational Research Association, and an Outstanding Young Scholar Alumni Award from the University of Maryland, her alma mater. Dr. Barber is a very valued member of the division of Counseling and Educational Psychology and the School of Education. UMKC is fortunate to have her. – Chris Brown, Chair


Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure, School of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Dr. Cheng received his B.S. (1996) and M.S. (1999) in Pharmaceutical Sciences from China Pharmaceutical University. He also received a master’s degree (2001) in Pharmacy from the National University of Singapore. He was a research scientist at the Brightfuture Pharmaceutical Company in HongKong prior to joining the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in 2002, where he received his Ph.D. (2007) in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Dr. Cheng joined the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2007. His current research focuses on the development of novel drug delivery systems for siRNA and small-molecule drug. His research has been supported by the Department of Defense (DoD), the National Institute of Health (NIH), and the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS). He has received two UMKC campus awards: i) Chancellor’s Early Career Award for Excellence in Teaching, and ii) Trustees’ Faculty Scholar Award. He is also the recipient of the 2011 AAPS New Investigator Grant Award in Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology. Dr. Cheng has been actively engaged in extramural professional activities and teaching several graduate and PharmD courses. He has edited two theme issues for Molecular Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Research as a guest editor. He recently edited two books: i) Advanced Delivery and Therapeutic Applications of RNAi, and ii) Advanced Drug Delivery, for the publisher John Wiley & Sons.


Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure, School of Computing and Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering

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Praveen Rao’s research is focused on solving fundamental data management problems that arise in data-intensive software applications in domains like the World Wide Web, e-commerce, life sciences, and healthcare. Since joining UMKC, he developed two software tools and published 14 peer-reviewed publications in international journals, conferences, and workshops like IEEE TKDE, ACM TOIT, The VLDB Journal, IEEE ICDE and WWW. His research activities have been sponsored by the NSF, UMRB, Intel, and Amazon Web Services. Prof. Rao has received two faculty awards from IBM for developing innovative curriculum at UMKC. In 2010, he received the IBM Smarter Planet Faculty Innovation Award. This year, he was one of the 14 professors world-wide to receive the IBM Big Data and Analytics Award and was featured on the Wall Street Journal. Prof. Rao enjoys working with both graduate and undergraduate students. He has supervised six MS thesis students and two BS students through the NSF REU program. Dr. Rao teaches courses related to Computer Architecture, Advances Operating Systems, Large-Scale Data Management, and Health Informatics Praveen Served on CS Degree Program Committee, SCE Operations Advisory Committee, Guest Co-Editor, Special Issue on Cloud Computing, International Journal of Next Generation Computing, and Perpetual Innovations July 2011. – Ghulam Chaudhry, Chair


Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure, College of Arts & Sciences, Political Science

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Beth Miller Vonnahme is a great asset to the University, the College and to our department. Her research on how factors such as weight bias and scandals affect voting behavior has been featured on in media outlets as varied as NPR, Reuters, and the Washington Post. She has received the Dean’s Outstanding Teaching Award and regularly receives the highest teaching evaluations in the department. Her service is outstanding, and at the University level has included implementing the new General Education Curriculum, at the College level revising the A&S general education requirements, and at the department level a range of activities too numerous to name. I want to just mention one, which is faculty advisor to our political science honor society, Pi Sigma Alpha, which she took from an almost non-existent organization to a national award winning, highly visible group on campus. Last, but certainly not least, she makes the best mint chocolate chip cookies on the planet, which the dean is partial to and for which my son is willing to pay his sister a dollar a piece. – Mona Lyne, Chair


Promotion to Professor, School of Dentistry

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Dr. Dallas came to UMKC in 2001. She is an accomplished researcher and has been PI on NIH grants totaling more nearly 8 million in direct costs and co-I on another $10 million in grant support. She has authored 35 peer reviewed journal articles, 8 book/chapters and 7 invited review articles and over 100 meeting abstracts, half of which have been given as prestigious oral presentations at national/international meetings. She is a pioneer in the use of time-lapse movie imaging or dynamic imaging to visualize the activity and behavior of bone cells and the assembly of extracellular matrix proteins that comprise bone tissues. Her work has been cited over 2000 times. Dr. Dallas is an accomplished teacher and has served on a number of committees at the Department, School of Dentistry and UMKC levels. She has many years of service on an NIH Study Section and has served on the Education Committee and the Women in Bone and Mineral Research Committee of the ASBMR and currently serves on the JBMR Editorial Board. – Mark Johnson, Chair


Promotion to Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, Criminal Justice and Criminology

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When Provost Hackett describes the teacher-scholar we are pretty sure she has someone like Kristi Holsinger in mind. Kristi’s scholarship focuses on a variety of areas, most notably around delinquency, gender specific correctional programing, and female offending. She has published her research in high impact outlets, including Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, and Journal of Criminal Justice Education. This scholarship is consequential – It is noteworthy that her 2006 article in Feminist Criminology, titled “The gendered nature of risk factors for delinquency”, is the most-cited manuscript in that journal’s history. She teaches a variety of high-impact courses within the undergraduate and graduate curricula including undergraduate capstone. Her focus in this class provides an opportunity for students to engage in self-exploration, creativity, and skill building. She has developed a “Mentoring Class” which highlights Kristi’s orientation toward learning and pedagogical innovation. This service learning course involves creating mentoring relationships between UMKC students and incarcerated female youth, providing students with hands-on application of criminology, while serving this at-risk population. Her book, Teaching Justice, further represents the convalescence of teaching, scholarship and service. It presents an evidence-based model to facilitate effective teaching of social justice issues and is an impressive original contribution to the field of criminology. Kristi is clearly deserving of promotion and the recognition she receives today. – Ken Novak, Chair


Promotion to Professor Conservatory of Music and Dance, Music Education/Music Therapy, and Instrumental Studies

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Honored in 2009 by his peers as the recipient of the Muriel McBrien Kauffman Excellence in Teaching Award, Professor Parisi’s students achieve, and do so with enthusiasm. The founding conductor of the Conservatory’s Wind Ensemble, Dr. Parisi has crafted an ensemble of distinction. Since its birth in 2002, the ensemble has earned invitations to perform at two regional conferences, the first at 2010 Missouri Music Educators Association In-Service, and the second at the 2012 Southwest Regional Conference of the College Band Directors National Association. Importantly, Professor Parisi is a teacher of teachers. His work in the undergraduate conducting courses and with our music education majors ensures that music remains core throughout schools in our region. Equal parts performer and researcher, Dr. Parisi’s career is one of international accomplishment as the conductor of the Fountain City Brass Band (with some 25 performances abroad), publications in journals, and a strong record as editor of music education journals. From Chair of the Music Education and Music Therapy area, to past Chair of the Promotion and Tenure Committee, and as a servant-leader within the Missouri Music Educators Association, Dr. Parisi achieves, honorably and generously. The Conservatory expects full professors to be outstanding teachers with complete mastery of their specialty, to make exceptional contributions to the field, provide exemplary service and hold professional recognition nationally and internationally. This list of attributes reads like a summary of Dr. Parisi’s dossier. – Charles Robinson, Professor and Mentor


Promotion to Professor, School of Biological Sciences, Cell Biology and Biophysics

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Dr. Michael Plamann has been a UMKC faculty member since 1997 and is now a Full Professor in the Division of Cell Biology and Biophysics at the School of Biological Sciences. Dr. Plamann’s research has always focused on the structure and function of cells – especially how packets of proteins and nutrients move within the cell on highways of protein. Using the common mold Neurospora as a model system, Dr. Plamann studies the molecular motor called dynein, which drives the transport of these packets on these highways. At the same time, Mike is the Director of the Fungal Genetics Stock Center, an internationally recognized resource that has archived thousands of fungal strains and each year processes thousands of requests for these stocks. Mike’s research and the Fungal Genetics Stock Center have been consistently supported by federal grants, and have resulted in over 48 research publications. In teaching, Mike excels, both in one-on-one interactions with the graduate students and postdocs in his laboratory, and in his classroom teaching to undergraduate and graduate students. As part of his service to SBS and UMKC, Mike has served on the Faculty Senate since 2009 and on the University Budget Committee since 2011. -Marilyn Yoder, Chair