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Assessable Roo Newsletter, March 2014

I am pleased to present our ninth issue of the Assessable Roo, which highlights a terrific article by Barb Glesner-Fines and Colleen Kelly about what it means to be a “master” and how to assess master’s programs.  If you are involved in graduate education, I think that you will find this to be a very illuminating read.  I would also encourage you to attend a discussion Glesner-Fines will host at FaCET on this topic on Wednesday, April 16th from 3:30-5:00pm.

Other excellent articles include “Assessing the Capstone Experience in Political Science” by Beth Miller Vonnahme, “Using Rubrics in the Blackboard Grade Center” by Molly Mead, and “How to Create Effective Surveys” by Dan Stroud.  I also have a short article about the need to collect program and General Education data every year, as well as to develop a curriculum map (if this hasn’t already been completed).  As stated last year, a curriculum map is required for each degree.

The newsletter can be found here.

-Nathan K. Lindsay, Ph.D., Assistant Vice Provost for Assessment

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