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Introducting Kacey Kudos E-Cards for Peer Appreciation

UMKC Provost Office and Staff Council recently joined forces to roll out a new UMKC peer recognition and appreciation e-card application called “Kasey Kudos” at this summer’s Staff Picnic.  Now we’d like YOU to join in the fun by clicking on the following link to send a free Kasey Kudos printable e-card to any UMKC faculty, staff, student or administrator:

Kasey Kudos (Login with your UMKC user ID and password)

Celebrate a job well done, work anniversary, birthday, or outstanding performance. Honor virtually any occasion or accomplishment with a variety of colorful and vintage Roo-style e-cards!  The versatile e-card and/or printable format allows you to recognize your peers quietly via email or with aplomb at a staff meeting, whatever suits your needs.  The e-cards can be also be saved as a PDF or printed in color for collection and display.  You can also view your card history or request a new card design with a simple mouse-click.

Pass this along to your faculty, staff, and students to spread the joy and appreciation today!

-Rebecca Edmundson, Faculty Affairs Specialist

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