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Lynda Plamann appointed to Coordinator, General Education

Provost Gail Hackett announced the appointment of Lynda Plamann, Ph.D., to the position of Coordinator of General Education.  Dr. Plamann is the Associate Dean in the School of Biological Sciences and has been involved with the development of the new general education program since this work began over three years ago with the General Education Task Force.  She has served as a co-chair of the General Education Oversight Committee and is currently serving on the General Education Curriculum Committee.

As part of her new role as coordinator, she will work closely with the chair of the General Education Curriculum Committee, the Deputy Provost, and the Assistant Vice Provost for Assessment as they move forward with the implementation of the new curricular model.  Dr. Plamann will make decisions on student appeals related to general education requirements.  She also will work with the Registrar and coordinate our communication efforts with our campus community and external constituents.  These include communications with colleagues in Student Affairs, the Missouri Department of Higher Education, and the MOU/MOA.

Dr. Plamann’s leadership and administrative skills are vital in this role associated with our general education program.

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