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Campus Mediation Services for Faculty and Staff

Do you know about UMKC’s Campus Mediation Services?  It is a  free service provided to UMKC Faculty and Staff to help them resolve workplace conflicts. Simply put, mediation is a confidential, informal, and voluntary meeting where people in conflict work with a neutral third party to develop a solution that will resolve differences.  It is an opportunity for employees in conflict to talk directly about their situation in a safe space with an objective party who has been trained to help facilitate open communication.  The mediator does not tell people what to do or who is right or wrong, but rather helps the parties to find a solution to their workplace conflicts.

UMKC is committed to embracing diversity and developing sensitivity and understanding about differences among people.  We recognize the benefits of mediation and believe that conflicts can be addressed more quickly with participants shaping their own resolution.  In turn, we hope that deeper understanding between colleagues will enhance the University’s work environment for all.

For more information about the mediation process, visit Campus Mediation Services.

-Mary Kay Kisthardt, Professor of Law and Director of Campus Mediation Services

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