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Executive sponsor(s): Provost

Purpose: The Program Evaluation Committee is charged by the Provost to conduct program reviews of all undergraduate and graduate academic programs in compliance with CRR, MDHE/CBHE & the Higher Learning Commission accreditation standards.

Established: Prior to 2010

Time frame for group (or ongoing): ongoing (standing committee)

Membership type: Faculty

Membership selection (ongoing):  Appointed by executive sponsor upon dean recommendation

Leadership: Chair

Leadership selection: Appointed by the executive sponsor

Role of the Chair: Convene and facilitate meetings of the committee. Chair will also ensure that nominations for new members are forwarded to the executive sponsors on an annual basis in May. Chair will meet with Strategic Plan Coordinating Committee.

Responsibilities of the members: Members should solicit input from colleagues as appropriate and be prepared to share information with colleagues as needed. Members should solicit input from their respective dean or vice chancellor early in the process and engage in an ongoing dialogue about task force activities.

Ex-officio members:  Provost’s Office representative, Director of Residential Life, Libraries representative, Director of Assessment, Institutional Research and Planning representative

Staffing: Provost’s Office

Term of appointment: 3 years

Charge to the members: 

  • Implementing, upon approval of the Provost, a campus-wide program evaluation process that focuses on continuous academic program quality improvement;
  • Review and oversight of the individual academic units’ program evaluation processes;
  • Reviewing and following up on all internal and external evaluation activities and reports;
  • Incorporating the expectations of the NCA Higher Learning Commission into UMKC’s evaluation processes;
  • Conducting annual reviews of Centers & Institutes with recommendations to the Provost;
  • Reviewing proposals for new Centers & Institutes with recommendations to the Provost


Stakeholders:  Students, faculty and staff

Frequency of meetings: At least monthly

Reporting: Annual

Renewal date:  Annual