Get Your Classes Certified

What is Online Course Certification?

In 2010, UMKC adopted a set of standards that exemplify excellence in online course design. These course design elements were identified through examination of peer-reviewed educational research and have been confirmed by national online education groups such as Quality Matters and the Sloan Consortium. Although both of these groups have developed their own set of online course design standards, UMKC chose to develop a unique set of standards tailored to our own specific educational needs and environment.

Excellence in online course design is characterized by clear course goals and objectives, assessments that accurately measure those stated objectives, and interactivity with the course instructor and course content, to name a few. The UMKC Online Course Design rubric, which was developed cooperatively by UMKC faculty and instructional designers, is the measure that is used to determine if a course is “online certified”.

Instructional Design Workshops and Faculty Certification

The ID department offers a wide range of workshops throughout the year, including the summer. For specific information on upcoming workshops and to register electronically, please visit our ITS Workshops site. If you have a specific training request or would like to meet with an Instructional Designer one-on-one, please contact us by phone or email.

Why Should I Go Through the Course Certification Process?

There are many benefits to the online course certification process.

The first is the knowledge that your course is one of the best on campus. Your course will receive a special designation in the course catalogue that tells students and others that your course is online certified. Second, we convey a peace of mind during the process. Many instructors come in nervous because they never taught online or they are unsure how their course will translate in an online environment. Finally, getting your course up to standards means that you will enjoy teaching more and your students will get a better learning experience. Don’t believe us? Check out this video to see what students think of one of our certified courses: