RFP: Intercampus Course Sharing

The UM System has issued a call for proposals to the 2015 Course Sharing Initiative.  This program supports the development of courses to be shared with other UM schools.

How to apply for funding:

  • Download the full System Course Sharing RFP here.
  • Contact Devon Cancilla, UMKC Vice Provost for Online Learning, of your intent to submit a proposal either as a primary or secondary institution:  cancillad@umkc.edu
  • Schedule a meeting with the UMKC Instructional Designers to talk about your course(s) and any technologies you anticipate using in the course.  Molly Mead – meadmo@umkc.edu
  • Final proposals where UMKC is the Primary Institution are due to Devon Cancilla, Vice Provost for Online Learning by March 9, 2015.   They should be submitted electronically to: cancillad@umkc.edu Note:  Devon Cancilla should be notified if UMKC is partnering with another school as a Secondary Institution. 
  • UMKC will submit the final proposals to the UM System Offices to meet the March 16, 2015
  • If you have any questions or assistance, please contact either Devon Cancilla or Molly Mead.