RFP: Intercampus Course Sharing


System funding is available to faculty interested in developing and contributing courses to a UM System course cooperative.  Students throughout the UM System would be eligible to enroll in these courses.  Developers can obtain up to $15,000/course in funding.  A number of conditions must be meet and are described within the call for proposals.  Preference will be given to proposals that tie multiple courses together and that can be shared across at least two campuses.

Proposals must be approved by UMKC Online prior to submission to the University of Missouri System.  UMKC Online can provide technical and support and advise in the development of the specific proposal.  It is recommended that online course offerings include certification.

For more information and specific requirements, download the RFP document.

How to Apply

Step 1

Get in touch with a faculty member that teaches a similar course at either the Mizzou, MS&T, or UMSL. Make sure they are aware of the deadline and the documents they need to provide for this proposal.

Step 2

List the course you want to share and its typical enrollment size. Please indicate the impact this course will have if developed and shared between campuses.

Step 3

Budget. This would include the cost of developing and offering the course. Typically faculty member would list the cost it takes for a course release. Please include funding for special materials and design cost if appropriate (e.g., use of instructional design team).

Step 4

A letter, e-mail, or signature approval from the faculty members’ department chairs and deans from the each campus.

Step 5

Mail two copies of complete proposals. The first one to the Provost’s office:

Office of the Provost
Administrative Center
5115 Oak St., Room 300G
Kansas City, MO 64110

The second proposal should be submitted to UM System Academic Affairs office:

Academic Affairs
309 University Hall
University of Missouri System
Columbia, MO 65211