School of Nursing and Health Studies Wins Mentoring Grant

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation chose the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Nursing and Health Studies as one of its grantees to start mentoring nurses in training and early practice to be more humanistic in their patient care.

The foundation selected eight grantees — including UMKC, George Washington University, New York University, Brown University and Penn State — to receive $25,000 each over two years. The UMKC School of Nursing and Health Studies is the only non-medical school to be awarded.

Margaret Brommelsiek, instructor and director of interprofessional education, health sciences, is the primary investigator of UMKC’s project “Intentional Mentoring: Humanistic Engagement in Learning and Practice (HELP).”

“Nursing in the past was originally considered more of a vocation or calling, and now it is often viewed as a career, with technical skills taking precedent over humanistic care,” Brommelsiek said. “With this program, we want to educate both strong clinicians and humanistic professionals by mentoring the faculty who can model the behavior of a caring science to our students, and working with students one-to-one to enable them to set their own goals and identify ways to improve delivery of patient-centered care.”

The program will prepare clinical faculty to focus on humanism — compassion, respect, empathy and service— in their roles as professors and as mentors, and will extend this intervention to students by preparing them to balance technical competency and evidence-based practice with the art of altruistic care.

“The School is honored by this grant,” said Ann Cary, dean of the School of Nursing and Health Studies. “The mentoring program has the potential to be modeled throughout UMKC. As technology continues to influence what we do, each professional can be more caring. In addition, we are humbled to be the only nursing school in the country to be award recipients in this round.”

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation is a nonprofit organization, established n 1988 and based in New Jersey, dedicated to improving patient experience and outcomes by working with physicians and other healthcare professionals in training and in practice to infuse a culture of respect, dignity and compassion for patients and providers.

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