Continuously Dedicated to Student Success…

I’ve been privileged to be part of a group of people dedicated to the continuous growth of our programs toward student success, artistic excellence and community engagement.  I’ve loved every minute of my 29 years.

James Mobberley

Conservatory of Music and Dance

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Atmosphere, Refreshing Bodies and Minds

I savor walking through the scenic Volker Campus to fill my coffee mug, joining students,  staff, and faculty gathered to refresh their bodies and minds.

Susan Shurman

New Letters

Changes & Learning Never Stops

I started here a little bit over eight years ago and find that everyone at UMKC is trying to help you succeed.I got very lucky and got hired in a department where changes never stop,and  learning never stops.I have also learned that if you give a smile it will come back to you as a smile as it is easier to get things done.Working together as a team with other departments is a great reward when the job/ project gets done .

For future employee,it is a great place with good benefits and great coworkers to boot. Have a great day.

Rudy Plattnerr

Information Services

Making a Difference in Students Lives

Working at UMKC Student Health & Wellness is wonderful! Not only do I enjoy working with a great group of people, but I also love helping our students and making a difference in their lives.

Renee Krouser

UMKC Student Health & Wellness

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Exciting Opportunities for Collaboration

I am thrilled that we now have Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Medicine all at the Health Science campus. It is allowing exciting opportunities for collaboration.

Pam Overman

School of Dentistry


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Welcoming Atmosphere

One of my favorite parts of the day is walking into the Administrative Building each morning … As I open the main entry door, Joan welcomes me by name. No matter how crazy the day has been leading up to this point (three children under five at home!), Joan’s warm personal greeting and genuine smile brighten my day. How blessed we are at UMKC to have so many Joan’s across our campus!

Jenea Oliver

UMKC Foundation

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The Environment & Opportunities

I enjoy the environment and opportunities the university provides. It is incredible and exciting in so many ways such as; the wide range of people we work with, the arts, education, the development and the atmosphere of the community etc. UMKC is a great place to work!!

Velda Robins

Campus Facilities Management/Building Services

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Friendly Co-Workers & Atmosphere

I like the atmosphere and the friendliness of my co-workers.

Helen L. Johnson

Bloch School of Management

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Uplifting Atmosphere

There are many things about UMKC that I love. The excitement of being on a college campus, meeting so many nice people and working with students. The atmosphere is uplifting and I have the best co-workers at the School of Education. GO ROOS!

Connie I. Fischer

School of Education


Amazing Co-Workers & Fun

I enjoy working with an amazing group of Human Resoruces professionals. They are the most responsive and fun group I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my career! They rock!

Cynthia Stotlar

Human Resources

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