We know many of you LOVE UMKC and think it is a great place to work.  We are sure there are days when you are working that you look around and really love how your job makes you feel, your co-workers do something great for you that warms your heart or you really get a kick out of solving some problem.

We’d like to capture the “love” on this website so we can share it with your fellow employees and prospective employees.  The reason is two-fold. One is for current employees:  Some days you may need a little encouragement.  Seeing the reasons fellow employee love UMKC reminds us that there is good around us, and we more easily refocus our thoughts and energies. Two is for prospective employees:

We want prospective employees to know that this is a great place to work!  We want them  know that people are often thoughtful and supportive of each other, the campus is gorgeous and that the work is meaningful in itself.  That if they come onboard, they will feel valued and that will be making a positive difference in the world.

So if you feel the love for UMKC, please share it on this website.  It can be that you enjoy the work you do, had a positive interaction with a co-worker or student, had a great day, look good in Roo Blue, are proud of a particular accomplishment, or enjoyed a walk across campus on the way to a meeting.

Thanks for sharing the LOVE!

UMKC Human Resources

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There is a synergy at UMKC that everyone should experience!

Every day I am amazed at what UMKC has accomplished over the past decade not only enhancing the student experience, but the staff experience as well.  This would not happen without the leadership, dedication and commitment from our faculty and staff.  It is an honor to work for an organization that is a leader locally and nationally on many different levels of academics, sustainability and customer service.  There is a synergy at UMKC that everyone should experience.  That’s what I love about UMKC.

Karen Lavendusky

Campus Facilities Management

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Brightens My Day

I take pride in coming to work because everyone takes pride in what they do; from the grounds to the halls; from smile to smiles; from heart to open doors.  UMKC is a wonderful place to work.  In the fall of 2012 I will have two grandchildren here; one in Business and the other in Dentistry. They are here because they have grown up at UMKC and I have 20 more grandchildren to go. Go UMKC!!!

Lee Washington

Human Resources

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Top-Notch Public Radio Station!

UMKC is home to a top-notch public radio station: KCUR 89.3 fm….and I get to work there!

Jill Jordan


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What we learn is not just in books, but the experience that we can take with us for a lifetime

UMKC is indeed a place of experience, change and learning. I have met so many wonderful people throughout the years and rather we are in a classroom, in an office or just touring the campus. You share that experience with those you meet. That’s what it’s all about people. What we learn is not just in books, but the experience that we can take with us for a lifetime.

Erma Artist

Academic Affairs/Provost Office

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Culturally Rich and Diverse

The employee family at UMKC is phenomenally diverse.  Throughout the course of any given workday, I may interact with coworkers from virtually every age group from Gen X to Elder Boomer who represent a veritable cornucopia of culture, ethnicity, socio-economic stature, race, gender, sexual orientation, belief systems, educational background, and ideologies. I’ve never worked anywhere as culturally rich and diverse as UMKC.

Rebecca Edmundson

Provost Office, Faculty Affairs

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Everyone is so friendly and Fun

I do love UMKC. I got my undergrad degree here and briefly taught as an adjunct several years ago. I am lucky to be back as an employee in The Bloch School, where everyone is so friendly and fun. I work in the Department of Public Affairs, a small yet mighty group of dedicated professors whose work in the nonprofit, urban and health care administration fields is inspiring!

Barbara Domke

Bloch School

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The Campus is Inspirational

The Health Sciences Campus has changed so much over the 6 years that I’ve worked in the Health Sciences Library.  I love the flower beds and plantings that UMKC’s grounds people create and maintain to keep our campus looking so attractive. The campus is inspirational, and surely reflects not only the thriving plants, but how we try to create and sustain good health for all at the Health Sciences Campus!

Susan Sanders

Health Sciences Library

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Laughing and Sharing

Laughing and sharing with my coworkers keep me coming back everyday.

Trudy Barker


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Cheery Smiles and Positive Greetings

I love working at the UMKC Miller Nichols Library.  After my busy morning commute, the student assistant at the ground floor Music/Media Desk always smiles and greets me with a cheery “Good morning!” as I enter the building.  I get the same greeting from other co-workers as I head to my office on the 1st floor.  A smile and welcome from my colleagues really does make the morning, and the entire day good!

Your librarian, Mary E. Anderson

Miller Nichols Library

I Owe A Lot Of Who I Am To UMKC

UMKC has been part of my life since I was a student and student/worker more than 35 years ago.  At that time, the Bio-Chem complex was the newest facility on campus and Law classes were taught in Cockefair Hall!  UMKC has changed a lot over the years but one thing that has never changed is the great UMKC spirit and willingness of staff, faculty, administrators and students alike to rise to meet the challenges that occur with change.  I’ve been fortunate that UMKC has given me the opportunity to grow and learn over the years.  I’ve found a second family at UMKC, amazing classmates and co-workers whose creativity matches that found at any University or organization I’ve ever known.  I owe a lot of who I am to UMKC.  It’s a great place to be.

Cathy Dobson

Human Resources


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