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Apple iOS 6.1, Exchange, and Entourage/Outlook for Mac

An iOS 6.1 bug is adversely impacting Exchange (faculty and staff email) performance and appears to also be affecting Entourage and Outlook for Mac mail clients.

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Computer or account trouble? No problem!

Computer trouble? Account issues? We can help!

For technical assistance of all kinds, visit our Report a Problem website. Continue reading ‘Computer or account trouble? No problem!’ »

Emergency Exchange Changes Coming This Week

10/12/2012 update:

The recent attempts to combat spam sent from Exchange servers as a result of compromised accounts have not proven as effective as we would have liked. Therefore, additional steps have been taken to protect our enviroment and maintain mail delivery. Continue reading ‘Emergency Exchange Changes Coming This Week’ »

Phishing – Don’t Get Hooked!

Phishing attacks – attempts to trick you into giving away personal information that can be used to access email and personal bank accounts – have become more frequent and sophisticated. It’s easy to mistake these these scams for legitimate requests, but there are some simple steps you can follow to avoid becoming a victim, and protect yourself and your personal information from scams. Continue reading ‘Phishing – Don’t Get Hooked!’ »

Getting Started with IT Resources Guide for New Faculty

Information Services has created a one-stop web-based IT resource guide for new faculty at UMKC.

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Outlook Live Delivery Issues

Between May 9th and May 21st, an email spam misconfiguration resulted in some legitimate emails not being delivered to the Outlook Live system. The configuration has since been reversed.

Please contact the Call Center at 816-235-2000, if you have questions.

ALERT – New Phishing Spam Email – 05.08.2012

A phishing spam email message hit many UMKC mailboxes yesterday. The sender is listed as, but this sender is spoofing a legitimate address. The subject of these emails is Account Maintenance. Continue reading ‘ALERT – New Phishing Spam Email – 05.08.2012’ »

SAN Hardware Failure and Recovery Efforts

Over the weekend, the Information Services server team responded to a storage-area network (SAN) hardware failure in one of our data centers. Some affected systems included the Blackboard login server, Remote Labs, departmental website servers, and many others. Continue reading ‘SAN Hardware Failure and Recovery Efforts’ »

How To: Set Up Voice Mail for an Employee or Department

A Unity voice mail box can be set up for individual UMKC staff and faculty members, as well as departments, as long as an Exchange email box exists for the individual/department needing voice mail. Keep reading for more information about how to set up a Unity voice mail box.

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ALERT: New Phishing Spam Email

A phishing spam email message hit many UMKC mailboxes last night. The sender is listed as, but this is a false email address, and is not affiliated with UMKC. Continue reading ‘ALERT: New Phishing Spam Email’ »