is part of the University’s online community.

This online community supports UMKC faculty or staff members and department to publish their innovative idea through website. is called as WordPress Multi-User(MU) Website, and it has a server which supports word press websites only.

This Community allows UMKC staff or faculty and department to request a wordpress site under as a child site or they can also request for Individual website.

If you are new to wordpress and its terminology then see below


Let me give you some idea about wordpress:

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a dynamic content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL.

WordPress can be apparently called as Website builders, it can offer you an easy way to build, design and organize your website without having to use complicated computer code. WordPress allows user to customize the existing themes and also allow user to create their own themes, menus ,widgets .. etc. WordPress is flexible for novice people as well as experienced programmers. It’s a powerful tool.

Mostly of them confuse with and

WordPress is open source blogging software, and is where you can go to download it. offers free downloads of WordPress files, themes and plug-ins, and includes step-by-step instructions for installing and configuring WordPress on your own hosting provider (in our case provides a quick and easy way to get a blog online. You can go sign up and create a WordPress blog immediately, for free. This is a multi-user version of WordPress that hosts thousands of blogs.

UMKC Online community is no way related of We are going to look into and explore.

Everything is clear till now but still everyone have a question:

  • Why is called Multi user website?
  • What do you mean by Multi-user version? allows 2 types website :

1) Single user website ( Single Instance or Individual Site …)

2) Multi user website ( Called as MU website)

Single User Website:




This is a Individual WordPress website:

  • It will have its own database
  • No restriction to install themes and plug-in(s)
  • Admin is allowed to create brand new themes and also customize the existing themes
  • User can ftp into the folders and can edit the files in it .

Multiuser :

This is nothing but a single user wordpress website but we need to edit and add few lines of code to the existing files.

Once MU setup is done then

  • It will get the capability of creating child websites
  • It will share database space for the child websites
  • It will impose some constraints on the child websites
  • Child websites can’t create their own themes, plugin , widgets ….
  • Child website can only access dashboard
  • Child  websites will not have ftp permissions to access their files






There are two ways to access child site



We are not using the first way , So to access child we have to go the child directory(

To learn more about WordPress Individual vs MU   Click here