How to cancel your contract

If you wish to cancel your Spring Only 2017 or 2017-2018 Academic Year housing contract, you must log into your MyHousing Self Service portal, select Applications, choose the appropriate application, then select Cancel/Withdraw this Application from the dropdown box and follow the prompts.

Canceling after move-in

All contract cancellations after a student has moved in must be processed through the Residential Life Business Office for approval, and assuming the request is granted, the student will be charged a cancellation fee, and any applicable room charges. After facilities open, contract cancellation requests will not be approved for students who remain enrolled but wish to move to fraternity or sorority housing or other off-campus locations.

Cancellation requests may be approved for the following reasons:

  • UMKC sponsored internship, student teaching, research project, or other UMKC program which requires living away from Kansas City
  • Completion of graduation requirements during the term of the contract
  • Marriage after move-in – proof of marriage will be required
  • Compulsory military duty
  • Loss of student status/withdrawal from UMKC

Outside of the approved reasons for a contract cancellation, students must submit an appeal to the Residential Life Business Office for a contract cancellation. The official cancellation request form will still be required. In addition, students must demonstrate a problem beyond their control, which occurred after the time of contract submission and is substantiated by supporting documentation.

The student will receive written approval or denial of the request and the account will be adjusted accordingly. If the cancellation request is approved, the student will be charged an applicable cancellation fee, and will be subject to room charges and damage billing. The dining plan will be billed as a prorated amount. Once the contract cancellation request is approved, the student must officially vacate his or her assigned room by obtaining check-out materials from the Department of Residential Life and contacting residential staff to complete official check-out procedures. Any amount paid in excess of the total due will be credited. Students must move from the facility within 24 hours of contract cancellation or withdrawal from UMKC. Residents who do not move out within 24 hours are subject to the remaining room and board fees. All components of this contract are canceled when the contract cancellation is effective, including dining access, meal plans and flex points. If the cancellation request is denied, then the student is responsible for one hundred percent (100%) of the room and board fees for the academic year.

Once the contract is received by UMKC, the following cancellation fee schedule will apply to any canceled contracts based on the date the written request is received by the Residential Life Office. Dates in parentheses apply to contracts submitted for the spring semester only. Verbal communication of cancellation will not be honored.

Academic Year Cancellation Fee Schedule

Written request received by June 1 (December 1)$200 cancellation fee
Written request received June 2 - 30 (December 2 - 31)$350 cancellation fee
Written request received July 1 - 31 (January 1 - 5)$500 cancellation fee
**Cancellations after July 31 (January 5)$500 cancellation fee and refund schedule is as follows:

Fall semester

Up to Sept 1 - daily rate proration
Sept 2 to 15 - 60% credit
Sept 16 to 30 - 40% credit
Oct 1 to 15 - 20% credit
After Oct 15 - no credits are processed

Spring semester

Up to Feb 1 - daily rate proration
Feb 2 to 15 - 60% credit
Feb 16 to 28 - 40% credit
Mar 1 to 15 - 20% credit
After Mar 15 - no credits are processed

Summer Cancellation Fee Schedule

MyHousing request received by April 1$250 cancellation fee
MyHousing request received April 2 - June 2$350 cancellation fee
Written request received on or after June 3$350 cancellation fee and daily rate proration