I registered already, but need to change the officers and/or members in my organization.

You are required to update your officers within RooGroups as soon as they change (elections, vacancies, etc.). You do not need to contact our office for this process. The president and treasurer listed within the system have full access to make changes to the roster. To make changes, click on “Roster” and “Manage Roster”. From here, the president and treasurer can click to edit the positions on the far right side. If a position is not visible or the permissions need to be changed, click on “Manage Positions”. From here, the president and treasurer can add any new positions or change any of the permissions by clicking on the organization.

To add a new member that isn’t on the roster, make sure that person has clicked “join the organization” or has accepted an invitation.

My registration was denied, now what?

Review the comments to find out why. The comments were emailed to you in an email from RooGroups. If you can’t find this email, you can also check your submission in the system. Log into RooGroups and click on “my involvement” across the top menu. In the dropdown, click on “submissions” to find your submissions within the system. Make sure you click on the registrations tab to find your application. Check the status of your submission. If it says “denied” or “in process”, you can open your submission and make any updates or corrections on appropriate pages. Make sure you click on “Submit” once on the summary page. You can double check the status by reviewing the registration back on the submission menu. If your submission says “pending”, Office of Student Involvement has your registration submission!

How long is the registration review process?

This does not consider New Student Organization Applications. This is for registration for current organizations:
Hopefully quick! It will take our staff 10-15 business days to review your registration application. It is reviewed by two sets of staff members in order to make sure everything is good and your organization is set up for success. If there are any errors with your constitution or registration application, we will deny the submission and send it back with the comments of what to correct. The quicker you update the corrections, the quicker our staff can get back to reviewing your submission. Make sure your primary contact is attentive to emails and information coming from the Office of Student Involvement and/or RooGroups.

What information is needed in order to complete the registration application?

To complete the registration application, you will need to know basic information about your organization (meeting time, location, mission, and purpose), have an electronic copy of the organization’s constitution/bylaws (if your organization has made any changes since the last registration), and know the UMKC email for the organization’s President, Treasurer, and Student Organization Advisor. You will be asked to enter this information during the registration application.

Who can complete the registration application?

Any individual that is logged into RooGroups has access to register an organization. Each organization can choose to designate a member or officer to complete the registration. Whoever submits the registration will automatically become the primary contact in the system and with our office. This contact person can always be changed at a later date. If you are concerned that an unauthorized individual is attempting to register your organization, please notify Office of Student Involvement as soon as possible for us to verify the registration application.

How do I know if my organization needs to be registered?

There are two ways to see if your organization needs to be registered.
1. Is your organization listed in the student organization listing page within RooGropus ( If it is not listed, it is not an recognized student organization. Click “Register a New Organization” to register an organization that is new to the UMKC campus.
2. Your organization may be listed but it has an option to “Register this Organization”. This means that your organization needs to complete the application. Click the button and follow the prompts to complete your registration.

How to Submit an Event on RooGroups

*You must hold an officer position and have permissions to submit an event for your organization

1.) Go to the RooGroups website.

2.) Sign in (clicking Log In button on Left hand side) and go to your organization page

3.) Click on Events on the left hand side


4.) Click on the Create Event button at the top of this page

event 1

5.) Fill out the required pages

6.) This event submission will be reviewed by your administrators before going up on the flyerboard

How do I Ensure Our Organization Is a Recognized Student Organization Each Year?

To ensure continued recognition as a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) your organization must follow the following:

  • Keep an up-to-date roster and faculty/staff advisor listed on your Student Org’s RooGroup page.
  • Have your most current constitution in RooGroups.
  • Have your President and Treasurer pass the Funding Workshop Module in Blackboard (Link coming soon)
    • A funding test will be issued on Blackboard, and the test must be passed with 80% accuracy.
  • Keep an up-to-date roster in RooGroups every semester regardless if the information has changed.  This is due by the third week of classes every semester.

What is the responsibility for the Treasurer of my organization?

To maintain fiscal responsibility, every Recognized Student Organization (RSO) at the University of Missouri – Kansas City must elect and maintain a fiscal officer (Treasurer). The Treasurer’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Prepare the annual student organization budget
  • Monitor the student organization’s budget
  • Complete an annual financial report for the student organization
  • Tend to the status of all purchase requests
  • Collect funds and deposits, ensuring they are deposited into the student organization’s MoCode account (visit the Office of Student Involvement front desk to make deposits); and never deposit moneys received by the organization into a personal account.
  • Ensure payment of all bills due to the organization
  • Keep an exact record of all transactions, i.e. deposits, checks and adjusting entries
  • Prepare monthly financial reports and documents to keep the student organization’s membership informed about the student organization’s financial situation.

How do we deposit money into our MoCode account?

Depositing Money Into your Org’s Account

Every Recognized Student Organization (RSO) has the privilege of having a MoCode account through the Office of Student Involvement.  This MoCode account is where all allocations from the Student Activity Fee Committee (SAFC), primary and secondary councils, and general monies are deposited and maintained.

All allocated money from SAFC, a primary, or secondary council are maintained in a “checking account” line within the organization’s MoCode account.  This is the money that is first used when transactions occur by the student organization (i.e. using a p-card, paying for using the Central Ticketing Office at an event where admission is charged ).  These funds are returned back to the SAFC general revenue fund the Friday following graduation in the Spring semester, or at a specified time by the SAFC/SGA committee, or the Office of Student Involvement.

A “savings account” is an account line within the organization’s MoCode account that is activated when an organization has deposited money that was received through fundraising, dues, donations, t-shirt sales, etc.  All funds collected for your organization must be deposited into your MoCode account.


Steps to deposit money

Prepare a deposit slip (CLICK HERE)  listing all funds to be credited to your account.  Include the MoCode number to explain where the funds are to be deposited.

Deposits should be made on a timely basis and brought to the Office of Student Involvement (OSI) in the Student Union Building Room 320.  Cash deposits should be made within 24 hours.

General Guidelines:

Whenever possible, accept checks instead of cash.

Checks must be payable to the organization.

Do not take cash collected and make purchases directly for your organization.


Can I leave and return to an event, registration, or form on RooGroups?

For every Form, Election, Organization Registration, and Event you submit to your campus site, you can view the submitted version or update a previously started version.

1. Log in to RooGroups |

2. Click on the My Involvement option in the top menu bar.

3. Go to My Submissions.

4. Select the appropriate tab across the top to view all of your submissions:

Forms: Displays all forms you started or submitted
Elections: Displays all elections you started
Organization Registrations: Displays all organization registrations you started or submitted
Events: Displays all events you started or submitted

5. Click on the name of the form/election/organization registration/event you’d like to view.

** If the form/election/organization registration/event are “In progress”/”Started”, you can make edits. You can also make edits after a form/organization registration/event is in “Denied” status. You CANNOT make edits to an election ballot after you submit it.**

Where do I find the latest policies and procedures for student organizations?

Please visit our Student Organization Quick Reference Guide for the most up-to-date details and information on our student organization policies and procedures.

Do we need to keep record of our org’s finances?

Bookkeeping Procedures

Keep the ledger in your organization’s Accounting Ledger Google Doc current.  Enter all check requests, deposits, organization transfers and adjustments at the time of the transaction.

Enter all adjustments into your ledger immediately upon receiving notification from the Office of Student Involvement that:

a deposit amount has been adjusted
a check request has been voided
a check request amount has been changed
a check has been returned by the bank as dishonored
an adjustment has been made to your account
Please note: it is your responsibility to collect the funds for any returned checks and to deposit the new funds into your account.




Using P-Cards

The Office of Student Involvement Purchase Card (P-Card) may be used to make tax-exempt purchases with local merchants up to the maximum $500.00 limit.  The P-Card must be presented to the merchant at the time of purchase to ensure proper identification and billing.

At the time of purchase, make sure that the P-Card number and identification of being Tax Exempt (you can ask for this letter for both Missouri and Kansas tax exempt, upon picking up the P-Card from the Office of Student Involvement).

Upon return of the P-Card to the Office of Student Involvement, all itemized receipts must be submitted at the time of returning the P-Card.  If an organization does not turn in a receipt within 48 hours of checking out the p-card, they will receive a strike against their organization.  With p-cards, this first strike will no longer allow any outside vendor P-Card purchases to be made for the remaining of the semester (and are limited to in-house – online or phone purchases only).

Each organization is responsible for all charges made on the P-Card.  THIS INCLUDES ANY CHARGES MADE ON A CARD THAT HAS BEEN LOST OR STOLEN.

If a card has been lost or stolen, contact the OSI Office immediately (816.235.1407).  While we may not be able to stop the use of the card, we will work with you to identify who ever is using the card and limit charges.

Please [Click HERE] for the P-card checkout process.



General Policies

Student Activity Fees (SAF) funds may NEVER be used to make personal purchases or to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Organizations which use University and OSI services may not have outside bank accounts.

If a vendor notifies OSI of a delinquent bill, the treasurer will be notified. If the bill is not paid in a timely manner, OSI will reserve the right to pay the bill out of the account and notify the treasurer.  The organization will be liable for any late fees incurred.

The Office of Student Involvement reserves the right to shut down any account misusing funds or not complying with these policies.  Needed action will be taken with Legal Council, University Audit, Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, and/or Ethics.

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