Reactivating Student Organizations

Reactivating Information for Student Organizations

Each year your organization will be required to fill out a re-registration form and update the organization's RooGroups profile page. This form is available in Mid-July through the second week of classes in the Fall semester (August/September) for each organization to complete and it will be up to the organization's president to complete the form.

If an organization fails to complete the form they will become inactive, removed from the registered student organization list, and will have no rights as a registered student organization at the University of Missouri - Kansas City.

If an organization is inactive for over a year, the organization will be disabled and considered dissolved. This will result in any organization allocated funds being donated back to the Student Activity Fee Committee, and any fundraising/savings funds, are to be donated to the Office of Student Involvement General Fund.

Steps for Reactivating

To reactivate an organization, please follow the steps below to register your organization if Inactive or Frozen.

  • 1. Connect with the Student Government Association (SGA), Executive Vice President, letting them know that you are interested in reactivating an organization.
  • 2. Submit your updated constitution and by-laws to the SGA Executive Vice President for review with their Constitution Advisory Committee.
    • - Once the student organization constitution and by-laws are submitted, the Constitution Advisory Committee will review the documentation.
    • • You may be required to give further information before the re-activation is approved. Further required information may include (but is not limited to)
    • • Any information about the organization reactivating
    • • An updated constitution
    • • Advisor information (must be full-time faculty or staff at UMKC)
    • • President/acting president information (if not already provided)
    • - If the Constitution Advisory Committee decides that your constitution and by-laws are complete, they will submit them to the Student Government Association for review by the SGA Senate.
    • - The SGA Senate will review and vote upon activation and recognition of the student organization
  • 3. Once approved by SGA Senate, your organization will be given the status of Recognized Student Organization (RSO).

All reactivations are subject to the approval of the Constitution Advisory Committee for Student Organizations and the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.

Benefits of Being in “Good Standing”

Once your application has been approved by the Student Government Association your organization will become a Recognized Student Organization (RSO).
As an RSO, your organization will have access to the following benefits, as long as you remain in "Good Standing"

- Regular use of University facilities: buildings, grounds, services (some may have fees for use)
- Ability to apply for office/cubicle/mailbox space in the UMKC Student Union
- Ability to request funds from the Student Activity Fee Committee (SAFC) if policies and criteria are met
- Access to Office of Student Involvement staff and resources
- Eligible to request catering for events through Dining Services
- Participation in the Student Organization fairs to recruit students
- Leadership training provided by Office of Student Involvement

What steps do we take to maintain “Good Standing” as an organization?

It is important for your organization to maintain a "Good Standing" status, as those organizations who remain in "Good Standing" will maintain access to great benefits.

To remain in "Good Standing" please review our Annual Registration page to learn how you Keep your organization up-to-date.

Application Process

If you feel that none of the current registered student organizations (RSO’s), please review our New Student Organization Registration Process information for student organization registration steps.

Constitution Advisory Committee for Student Organizations

All completed applications will be reviewed by the Constitution Advisory Committee for Student Organizations. The Constitution Committee will meet once every other week during the semester. Upon approval, your student organization will become a recognized student organization (RSO) at the University of Missouri – Kansas City effective 10 days after the decision is made.

‣ Upon becoming an RSO, your organization will receive the privileges outlined under the Benefits of being in "Good Standing"

Appeals Process

If you would like to appeal a decision made by the Constitution Advisory Committee For Student Organizations, you must send a formal letter to the Constitution Committee stating the reason for your appeal and why the committee should approve your student organization. In addition, you must have a letter of support from your Advisor. Please send this letter to The letter will be sent out by email to all members on the Advisory Committee. A response will be sent 10 days after the letter has been received. There is no appeal process for a decision made by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, or the Office of Student Involvement.

Student Organization FAQs