Annual Registration

Keeping Your Organization Up-To-Date

To maintain Active status, and be in Good Standing with the Student Government Association (SGA), and the Office of Student Involvement (OSI) requires a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) to follow a few simple steps. These steps are identified below.


Each year your organization will be required to fill out a registration form and update the organization’s RooGroups profile. Registration occurs twice annually. This form is available from Mid-July to the second week of classes in the Fall (August/September) for each organization to complete and it will be up to the president of the organization to complete the form. Again in January/February for the spring semester – for inactive organizations or new organizations only)

From the Student Government Association Bylaws
An updated list of registered student organizations is available online RooGroups. Organizations must update their information in the Student Organization System each year between Mid-July and the second week of classes in the Fall semester (August, September) to continue their status as a registered student organization. Failing to update information with the Office of Student Involvement may result in a student organization losing its active status and all rights and privileges such status entails.

To Annually Register your organization(s), you will need to do the following:

– Log into RooGroups
– Go to your Organization(s)
– Click on the "Registration" on your Organization(s) profile page

The registration form will include updating organization officers, roster members, advisor(s), and contact information. (On constitution changes from the Student Government Association, these changes are mandatory, and are to be added to the constitution on the RooGroups page under Documents).

If the registration form is not filled not completed by the 2nd Week of classes in August/September each year, the organization will risk becoming an inactive organization and thus removed from the system for the academic year.

Note: It is important to keep your organization officers up-to-date. Whenever a change is made, it is up to the outgoing president to make changes.

Changes to your roster can be made simply following these instructions:

- Log-in to the RooGroups system
- Go to your organization’s page
- Click “Roster” on the left side of the page
- Click “Manage Roster”
- Next to each person on the roster it will have a button that says “Edit Positions”
+ Click that button for each person who’s position needs to be changed

Student Organization Officer Training Module

Annually the Organization President, Treasurer and Faculty/Staff Advisor must successfully complete the Student Organization Officer Training Module (formally the Funding Workshop) to maintain a "Good Standing" status.

  Student Organization Officer Training Module

Benefits of Being in “Good Standing”

- Regular use of University facilities: buildings, grounds, services (some may have fees for use)
- Ability to apply for office/cubicle/mailbox space in the UMKC Student Union
- Ability to request funds from the Student Activity Fee Committee (SAFC) if policies and criteria are met
- Access to Office of Student Involvement staff and resources
- Eligible to request catering for events through Dining Services
- Participation in the Student Organization fairs to recruit students
- Leadership training provided by Office of Student Involvement

OSI Newsletter and Listserv

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