Get Food

How to use the Kangaroo Pantry for the first time.

  1. Fill out a Kangaroo Pantry First Time User Information Form.  This form is available online or you can fill out the form in person at the pantry.
  2. After filling out your First Time User Information Form, you will receive your client card and ID number during your first visit to the pantry. During your first visit, please bring your student, staff, or faculty ID as well are your university ID number. If you are unable to make it to the pantry, please e-mail us at We will make other arrangements.
  3. A Food Request Form is available at the Kangaroo Pantry.  You will fill out this request form when you would like food.
  4. You can pick up your food at 4825 Troost, Rm. 103, Kansas City, MO 

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