The fraternity and sorority community provides students with many opportunities to get involved in other campus organizations, activities and within the Kansas City community. Fraternities and sororities enhance students’ lives not only socially, but intellectually and spiritually. UMKC fraternities and sororities strive to achieve the highest potential from each member and to reach common goals for the organization and the community. Fraternities and sororities offer opportunities for high scholastic achievement, community service, philanthropy, leadership, campus involvement, personal growth, social interaction, and the development of lifelong friendships.

Fraternities and sororities foster academic success through an assortment of support and incentive programs. Each chapter maintains its own scholarship standards and programs, and sets minimum standards for membership. These standards are set higher than general UMKC standards to ensure our members are enhancing the mission not only of their organizations, but of our institution.
There are many assistance programs within our fraternities and sororities for members as well. Each chapter has a faculty or staff advisor who provides support to campus resources and connections. Each chapter has a leadership position which focuses on scholastic achievement of members. Many chapters provide incentives for good grades, opportunities to study with brothers or sisters, and have strong connections with professors and campus resources for academic assistance. Many inter/national organizations off scholarships for members of their chapters with high academic achievement as well.
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At the University of Missouri – Kansas City fraternities and sororities enable men and women to establish strong friendships, lasting beyond the collegiate years. Affiliation with a fraternity or sorority provides students with an opportunity to interact with members of all ages, and meet people within their fraternity and sorority community and other student organizations. As friends, they will share your successes, happiness, and occasional evenings just relaxing at the chapter house. Brotherhood and sisterhood mean more than wearing Greek letters, attending meetings, and going to social events. It is a feeling and sense of belonging. Brotherhood/sisterhood is the feeling of being yourself and being respected for your individuality. It is the feeling of knowing you can count on your brothers or sisters in times of celebration and in times of need. Membership also offers students a network of support while making the transition to college life.


One of the most gratifying aspects of fraternity and sorority life is the sense of satisfaction and pride that comes from involvement in community service. Fraternities and sororities throughout the nation recognize local and national organizations in need of aid, and donate time and money through their special philanthropies and service projects. Members at UMKC are heavily involved with Children’s Mercy Hospital, Relay for Life, Make-a-Wish, Harvester’s Food Bank and mentoring programs. Whether raising money or donating time, service is an important part of the fraternity and sorority experience.
Many individual fraternity men and sorority also volunteer in community programs such as Relay for Life, Harvester’s Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, Children’s Mercy Hospital and the Ali Kemp Foundation. The opportunities you will encounter within fraternities and sororities to assist the Kansas City community are endless. The desire and ability to give of yourself is one of the most important qualities you will develop while being part of a fraternity or sorority.


Leadership and Involvement

Fraternities and sororities are self-governing bodies in which the members take on the responsibilities and offices of the chapter. This hands-on experience teaches leadership skills, and allows them to interact and make connections with other organizations and departments on campus. This experience is valuable for the future in that the student learns the importance of working with others, and responsibility for their actions. The Order of Omega, a fraternity and sorority Honor Society, recognizes a select number of members who excel in leadership, involvement, academics, and service to the community.