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Members of the Faculty may request emeritus designation upon declaration of retirement from the University.  Retired Faculty who have received the title of emeritus shall continue as non-voting members of the campus Faculty and their names shall appear in the list of Officers of Instruction and Administration in the University Catalog.  UMKC Emeritus Faculty shall also retain an active email account and/or home department mailbox upon request to the Dean.

UMKC Emeritus Designation Process

  • Retiring Faculty candidate requests Emeritus Designation in writing to the Dean
  • Dean initiates a vote of the Tenured Faculty to approve/deny the request
  • If denied, Dean notifies Candidate of faculty decision in writing (cc: Candidate’s P&T file)
  • If approved, Dean forwards a letter of request to the Provost  (Attn: Brandie Johnson 357 AC) with candidate’s current CV; letter of request should include the appropriate Emeritus rank designation.
  • If approved, Chancellor sends letter of Emeritus Designation to the Candidate, (cc: Dean & Provost)
  • Dean forwards copy of letter to unit’s Human Resources Facilitator (HRF), and files the Dean’s copy in the Candidate’s Promotion and Tenure file.
  • Unit’s HRF attaches letter to a completed Courtesy Appointment Personnel Action Form (PAF), noting any emeritus-related ‘perks’ in the “Comments” field of the PAF.  Emeritus designation effective date is the retirement date or Emeritus Approval letter date (whichever is latest).  There should be no end date on the PAF; Courtesy Appointment remains active until death.  Unit HRF forwards PAF and Letter to Provost Office (Attn: Beci Edmundson, 350 AC) for approval and processing.  Effective Fall 2012, there will be only one Emeritus title code (0074 Emeritus) for all Emeritus rank designations; please enter the appropriate Emeritus rank designation in the “Working Title” field of the PAF.

UM System Emeritus Designation rules and exceptions are described in full in the Collected Rules and Regulations, CRR 320.090.

Click here to view a list of UMKC Emeritus Faculty (as of 06nov13)