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CEP Fellows Research Grant Opportunity

UMSL’s Center for Ethics in Public Life has issued a call for proposals for the 2nd Annual CEPL Fellows Program.  This program provides grant funding opportunities for research into political processes at all levels.  Ideal and actual functioning of political processes and/or the underlying values, broadly interpreted, are the subject.  Click here to view the Call for application instructions and further details.  You may contact CEPL Director Wally Siewert ( if you have further questions.  Application Deadline: September 30, 2014

Olson Professorship for Retiring Faculty

The James C. Olson Professorship Program is designed to provide an opportunity to honor selected senior members of the University of Missouri  faculty by providing them with a named professorship in exchange for their willingness to voluntarily relinquish tenure and retire from the University.  Olson Professorships allow the University to retain the important experience and contributions of these valued faculty colleagues while enabling them to reduce the level of their responsibilities. These special appointments and assignments for a specified term after retirement provide important contributions to the University while helping retiring faculty evolve into their new roles.

For application materials and additional information regarding the James C. Olson Professorship Program, click the “Olson Professorship” tab above.

James C. Olson served as UMKC Chancellor from 1968-1976, and  UM System President from 1977-1984.  Click here to read a biographical sketch of James C. Olson and review his speeches and other related materials.

 James C. Olson (1917-2005)

2012 Promotion & Tenure Celebration Event

Visit the Promotion and Tenure blog for additional information … 

Leave of Absence Report Required for Professional Leaves

CRR  340.070 requires “all faculty members must file a report on the accomplishments during the leave period” within 45 days of  return from a professional research or development leave of absence.  

By signing a research, development, or sabbatical Leave of Absence Request Form, the faculty member agrees to file a report of accomplishments to the Provost Office within 45 days of the leave end date.  Faculty should address Leave Reports to Erma Artist (, with a copy to the appropriate Chair and Dean.

Should a faculty member fail to submit the required Leave of Absence Report to the Provost Office, future requests for Leaves will be held until the required report is received.

Click here for more information regarding UMKC Faculty Leaves.

If you have questions regarding the submission of Leave of Absence Reports, please contact Beci Edmundson ( or Dr. Ron Macquarrie (

UMKC Campus Award Nominations Due NOVEMBER 1

Click here to view Awards, Qualifying Criteria, and Nomination Requirements

All required nomination materials (including letters of recommendation) must be combined into one Single PDF file (use the  “Combine>Merge files into Single PDF” feature of Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Professional software, available at no charge in the UMKC Remote Labs) to create the Nomination Packet. 

File Name =  “Award Name – Lastname, Firstname(example:  “Early Career Teaching – Smith, Jonathan”)

Email complete Nomination Packet to before 5:00 pm Monday, November 1, 2010If file is too large to email, use the UMKC Digital Drop Box.

 Questions?  Contact Beci Edmundson ( ext. 2721)

Olson Professorship Application Updated

The Olson Professorship Application form and other documents have been updated as of 10/01/10.  Please use the new documents available by clicking the Olson Professorship tab above.

New Faculty Affairs Website!

Welcome to the new faculty affairs website.