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FaCET 2015 Spring Smyposium Wrapup

The Facet Spring Symposium is over and we now look forward to this years Fall Symposium. With the highest attendance in several years to a FaCET Symposium, it was a full day of keynotes and workshops. The keynote Speeker, Dee Fink, was well received and his lecture on ‘5 High-Impact Teaching Practices” was packed with information.

If you were unable to attend, the slides from Dee’s lectures (both from the High Impact Teaching Practices and the late morning session “Designing Courses for Significant Learning) are available at the bottom of the post. We look forward to seeing you in the fall!




High-Impact Teaching Practices: UM-KC – 5 H.I.T.P. – Dec 2014

Designing Courses for Significant Learning: UMKC – ICD – 3 hr – 2015

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