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Wrapping up the 2014 FaCET Spring Symposium

The 2014 FaCET Spring Symposium in now completed. It was a packed day with a huge amount of information given and received. A big thanks goes out to all who participated or attended.

If you were unable to attend any of the main sessions, power points or pdfs of the material presented are attached:

– Kansas City Regional Equity Network: Equity Profile of the Kansas City Region
Regional Equity Network Presentation

– Jodi Rios: Interdisciplinary research and Engagement in Higher Education and the Challenges of Infusing Community Engagement and Diversity in the Classroom
Service Learning – Jodi Rios

– Denis Medeiros: Interdisciplinary Graduate Education
Interdisciplinary Doctoral Graduation Education

We hope to see everyone again at the FaCET Fall 2014 Symposium!

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