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Congratulations to All Recipients of the Spring 2013 Teaching Enhancement Grants!

This semester, FaCET experienced a outstanding turnout with applicants for the Teaching Enhancement Grants for 2013. ¬† We appreciate everyone’s contributions and would like to take a moment to congratulate all of the TEG recipients for this semester:


-Scott Baker, Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages

-Melita Belgrave, Assistant Professor of Music Therapy

-Susan Bennett, Clinical Instructor of the School of Nursing

-Brenda Bethman, Director of the Women’s Center

-Kelly Cochran, Clinical Assistant Professor of the School of Pharmacy

-Katherine Smith, Associate Professor and Assistant Dean-School of Nursing

-Lakshmi Venkitachalam, Assistant Professor of School of Medicine

-Laurel Watson, Assistant Professor of School of Education

-Daniel Weddle, Clinical Professor of the School of Law

-Henrietta Wood, Full-Time Lecturer of English


Thanks once again to all those who applied this semester, FaCET appreciates all of your hard work and dedication to teaching excellence!

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