Spring 2015 – Doors are Open

Online sign-up is now open.
Just go to “My Account” and log in or create an account.

To peruse the new catalog click on “Find Classes” and choose “Search for Commu Classes.” Or you can call 816-235-1407 to register.

We have a bunch of great classes coming up for winter/spring including:

  • Parenting Parrots
  • Acting for All
  • Tai Chi
  • Wheel Throwing
  • Gangland Wire: The Rise and Fall of the River Quay
  • Building a Website
  • Figure Drawing
  • 3D Horizontal Garden Spinning Sculptures
  • Grant Writing
  • Herbal Home Remedies
  • A Mediterranean Evening with Chef Kamal
  • Sisters of the Tarot

and hundreds of other fun and informative classes.

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