Bud Prize Winner Announced!

This year’s Bud Prize Competition was held on Saturday, December 10 in Katz Hall. The project was a live-work structure housing a Bookstore for Art & Architecture; designed by second-year architecture students, and advised by Prof. Ted Seligson and Prof. John Eck. The jury for the Competition was: Bill Bruning (AUP+D Advisory Board), Bryan Gross (Helix Architects), Prof. Matt Knox (KSU Dept. of Architecture), Prof. Joy Swallow (AUP+D Chair) and Elizabeth Wilson (Asiatica). The jury was selected to cover all the bases: professional architects and architects in academia, UMKC and KSU (our affiliated program), business and retail. The “full-house” audience was composed of current students, AUP+D alumni, families and friends of students and potential students.

After a long afternoon of student presentations and jury feedback, the jury met privately and spent a difficult 45 minutes narrowing down the prospects. Finally, the jury selected the design submitted by Dominic Musso to be the 2012 Bud Prize winner. Honorable mentions went to Brian Temple, Kevin Perks, Brandon Eversgerd and Andy McAllister.

A special thanks goes out to our jurors (who took the time out of their busy schedules), our hardworking students (who took the time to produce great work), and our visitors (who took the time to support our program). And, as always, the biggest thanks goes out to Helix Architects, for endowing the Bud Prize Competition and being a long-time supporter of the AUP+D.