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NTT Unranked Full-Time Appointments

Policy Reference:  CRR 310.035 Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Non-Tenure-Track Unranked Full-time Non-Regular Faculty Titles:

  • Lecturer
  • Instructor
  • Visiting Assistant/Associate/full Professor (temporary appointment, not to be renewed beyond three years; for the purpose of hosting faculty visiting UMKC from another institution)

Please note:  As of October 23, 2016, any Unranked NTT Non-Instructional Academic Appointment paid under the FLSA Salary Threshold (currently $47,476 annually) will be classified as Non-Exempt and paid on an hourly basis, timesheet required.  The following academic positions are permanently classified as Non-Exempt regardless of pay rate: 4660 Grader, 5200 Intern, 5821 Library Specialist, 7620 Research Aide, 7640 Research Assistant, 7650 Research Associate, 9195, Theatre Assistant, and 9430 Tutor.

The process outlined below applies to all other benefit-eligible (75+% FTE) Academic Titles, including but not limited to:

Teaching Appointment FTE: The FTE matrix for all teaching appointments is very simple: average of 8.33% FTE for every credit hour taught per semester [rounded to the nearest whole); the figure is rounded 25% FTE for every 3 credit hours taught. This applies to GTAs and Adjuncts, Instructors, and Lecturers as well … all teaching titles.

  • 1 credit hour = 8% FTE
  • 2 credit hours = 17% FTE
  • 3 Credit Hours = 25% FTE
  • 4 credit hours = 33% FTE
  • 5 credit hours = 42% FTE
  • 6 credit hours = 50% FTE
  • 7 credit hours = 58% FTE
  • 8 credit hours = 67% FTE


  • 9 credit hours = 75% FTE * Full Time/Benefit Eligibility
  • 10 credit hours = 83% FTE
  • 11 credit hours = 92% FTE
  • 12 credit hours = 100% FTE

Details:  The Unranked Non-tenure track faculty positions of “Instructor” or “Lecturer”  must be full-time (75% – 100% FTE) and may be appointed either semester-by-semester or by contract length of 9- or 12-months.  Non-faculty Unranked NTT academic positions (any Unranked NTT title except Lecturer or Instructor) may be appointed full or part time, for any contract length, and are monthly-paid positions.   Minimum 9-month appointment required for benefit-eligibility for all academic appointments.

Minimum Qualifications: Determined by academic unit. Usually requires BA + significant years of industry experience, MA + teaching/industry experience, or PhD/terminal degree.

Approvals:   Send the following information together via email to, after all Unit approvals (including Dean) are obtained …

  • Request to Recruit Academic Position Form
  • Job Advertisement Copy All ad copy must include the following Affirmative Action disclaimer statement: “UMKC is an equal access, equal opportunity, affirmative action employer that is fully committed to achieving a diverse faculty and staff.”
  • Please note that ALL academic positions must be listed in PS E-Recruit (except student titles).

Recruitment Best Practices:  Local and UMKC advertisement, focus on underrepresented populations preferred. Unit’s Affirmative Action Plan utilized, no search committee required.

Offer Letter:  Use the Offer Template NTT Unranked Academic Benefit-eligible and submit draft offer letter to Provost Office ( for review and approval prior to distribution to candidate. 

Appointment End Date = Last day of appropriate month

Criminal Background Check:  Required

IT Resources for New Faculty:  Be sure to direct all new faculty to the IT Faculty Getting Started Resources available here.

Employment Documentation:

  • Approved Hiring Authorization Form or Salary Increase Authorization Form
  • PAF
  • Offer Letter (original, signed by both parties) AND/OR Appointment Notification Form (signed by supervisor and employee)
  • Current CV
  • Official Transcript of Highest Degree Earned *NOTE: Additional transcripts may be required by Chair to validate qualifications to teach specific course in order to meet HLC credentialing requirements
  • Other Employment Documentation as required by Human Resources

Evaluation:  Written evaluation by supervisor should be discussed with employee and signed by both parties annually. [Updated 10/11/2017]

Renewal Best Practices: Hiring Authorization Form or committee approval required for renewal of each position from semester to semester. Written notice of appointment renewal (offer letter or Appointment Notification Form) with effective date and end date must be signed by both supervisor and employee, and must accompany reappointment PAF prior to appointment effective date.  (Store in Department files if renewing appointment via ASIA). [Updated 10/09/2017]  Annual Renewal Letter Template:  RENEWAL Template NTT Unranked Academic

Non-Renewal Best Practices:  Unranked, non-regular academic appointments are for the duration of the stated period in the offer letter or Appointment Notification Form; there is no implication of future appointment beyond the stated appointment period without written notice. Reappointment in future semesters or academic terms will be contingent upon any or all of the following: department need, course enrollment, funding availability and successful job performance. Written notification of non-renewal prior to appointment end date is a best practice. [Updated 10/11/2017] Use this template for notification of non-renewal of Unranked NTT academic appointments.